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dolph lundgren, a great practitioner of kyokushin

Hans Lundgren, better known as dolph lundgreen, is a high-profile film actor and broadcaster. after chemistry studies in sweden, his home country, he became known very quickly in the united States with the biggest. after shooting in movies with jean claude van damme or sylvester stalone in rocky for example. by his impressing physique, tall

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goju ryu

Gōjū-ryū , (Japanese for “hard-soft style”) is one of the main traditional Okinawan styles of karate, featuring a combination of hard and soft techniques. Both principles, hard and soft, come from the famous martial arts book used by Okinawan masters during the 19th and 20th centuries, the Bubishi (Chinese:pinyin: Wǔbèi Zhì). Gō, which means hard,

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