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Loek Hollander is a prominent Dutch karate practitioner. He began training Kyokushin Karate in 1962.Hollander earned his 1st dan ranking in 1965. Hollander was the fourth person ever to complete the 100-man kumite in 1967.

He is one of the first non-Japanese practitioners to import the kyokushin to the world, for the Loek it was Europe with jon bluming.

master jon bluming, founder of the international bluming federation

After Sosai Masutatsu Oyama‘s death, new director Shokei Matsui appointed Hollander to be a regional representative for the European and African nations. In 1999, Matsui honored Hollander with the rank of 8th dan, making him one of the highest-ranking members of the IKO Kyokushinkaikan. Hollander was the International Committee Member for Europe and Africa within the IKO led by Shokei Matsui, until August 13, 2010, when he resigned from the organization in protest. In 2014 Loek Hollander was officially inducted into the CBME’s National Hall of Fame for the Martial arts.

loek hollander measure 193cm, it has great stretches of strikes.controversy exists that jon Bluming said loek hollander Reusi it does not reach the test of 100 fights and would be arrested on the 29th .

little reminder about “hyakunin kumite”, kyokushin personnality having passed this test: 

Mas Oyama JAPON – 1965 3 times

Steve Arneil South Africa – 1965

Tadashi Nakamura JAPON – 1965

Shigeru Oyama JAPON – 1965

Loek Hollander HOLLANDE – 1966

John Jarvis NOUVELLE ZELANDE – 1967

Howard Collins United kingdom – 1967

Miyuki Miura Japon – 1973

Akiyoshi Matsui Japon – 1986

Ademir Da Costa Brasil – 1987

Keiji Sanpei Japon – 1990

Akira Masuda Japon – 1991

Kenji Yamaki Japon – 1995

Francisco Filho Brasil – 1995 2 times

Hajime Kazumi Japon – 1999

Artur Hovhannissian Japon – 2009

Tariel Nikoleishvili Russia – 2014

he starred in a movie in which he fight versus jon bluming in 1973.

hyakunin kumite of Loek hollander: 

Here are the impressions of Luke Hollander’s hyakunin-kumite: “It was something incredible. I trained very hard at the hombu dojo (the main school dojo) in the period before this test.  The dojo was filled with powerful fighters, each eager to measure my strength. At one point during the fighting, I lost count. Kumite with hundreds of opponents is became exclusively a matter of survival, and I focused only on the enemy with whom I was fighting right now.

From the memoirs of John Jarvis When Luke Hollander was about to return to Holland, he was ordered by Kante Oyama to try to fight a “battle with a hundred opponents”. In Luke’s attempt, there are several additional difficulties: first, the dojo was very full of belts white (from which you get the most serious injuries), and secondly, there was a very high temperature that exceeded 110 degrees Fahrenheit (about 45 degrees Celsius). The main advantage of Luke was his size – 193 cm (6 feet 4 inches) – and also his “reach”, because from which many Japanese found it difficult to narrow the distance. Throughout the test, Luke adhered to a tight locking system, that is to say encountered strong blows with hard contact blocks. Although he had shields on his hands that protected his hand from hand to the elbow, at the end of the test they had to be cut due to tumors that are formed on both sides of the shield. At times, he had to punch his body, which was less painful than taking them on his hands. Luke’s reward for his efforts has been two weeks of inactivity due to dozens of minor injuries.

after that time, Loek Hollander export kyokushin-karate in europe with jon bluming, they continue summer camp in papendal that exist since 60 years, sosai oyama came several years.

hollander keeped same tradition, difficult camp, with grading test in room in 50°, or the displacement trial of wood logs with several,in summer camp of papendal, a lot of europeean country are present since years 70’ like France or spain.

in 2010, Loek Hollander leaves IKO for founding his federation KWF (kyokushin World Union) , he leaves with part of european commite members:

antonio pinero, Loek hollander and mas oyama

with KWF Loek hollander keep develloped kyokushin karate arround the world, several tournaments took place and continu every years with their world championship tournament in Chiba ( Japon).

about KWF:  Kyokushin World Federation

KWF continu also to devellopped KWU (kyokushin world Union) ,  an ngo created since some years who organize tournament, seminars, who

which brings together many different federations, a postive thing in kyokushin world, several personnality meeting in kwu together, thing was
not took place since long time like picture below:

comitee waza of KWU:   steve arneil (ifk), royama (kyokushinkan) and Loek hollander, sometimes keni midori is present also.

about KWU:  Kyokushin World Union

Shihan Loek Hollander President of KWF  died at the age of 81    16 february 2020.

thanks you for  his work around the world to had devellopped our martial art.  Osu

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