12th world open kyokushin iko

the world championship tournament open iko took place the 22 , 23 and 24 november 2019, in the Taikukan of tokyo under the leadership of kancho matsui.

182 fighters was participed at this tournament.

the winner mikio ueda, 24 years old, already all categories champion of the world iko open, he won against the russian aleksandr ioremenko, one of the best fighters of 10 best years iko.
student of shihan Sergei Vsevolodov.

the third of the podium is Andrei Luzin only 20 years which reminds tariel nikoleishvili that won the world tournament at 20 years.
the fourth is takashi yuta, a great fighter who made himself known by leaving Lechi Kurbanov.
the fifth is Konstantin Kovalenko, the sixth of the list is the japonese Ryunosuke Hoshi, the seventh is Igor Zagainov from russia and the eighth the japonese shoki arata that is back.

2 fighters are not amazed in top 8, the french Antonio tusseau winner of open of new york and russian ashot zarynian.
tusseau was defeated by ioremenko in to the decision.

the news rules do not have easy things for all fighters, many extention during the tournament.

12th World Karate Championships First Day Winner

[A Block]
No.1 Kamada Shohei (Japan / Tokyo Josai Branch) SHOHEI KAMADA (JAPAN)
No.10 Roman Meschuriakov (Russia) ROMAN MESHCHERIAKOV (RUSSIA)
No.11 Kyohei Yasushima (Japan / Ibaraki Branch) KYOHEI AJIMA (JAPAN)
No.20 Igor Zagaynov (Russia) IGOR ZAGAINOV (RUSSIA)
No.21 Antonio Tusese (France) ANTONIO TUSSEAU (FRANCE)
No.30 Ryoma Yamakawa ( Japan / Tokyo Josai Branch) TATSUMA YAMAGAWA (JAPAN)
No.31 Alexei Gariev (Russia) ALEKSEI GALIEV (RUSSIA)

[Block B]
No.42 Satoshi Takahashi (Japan / Tokyo Johoku Branch) YUTA TAKAHASHI (JAPAN)
No.47 Hidekazu Kubo (Japan / Hiroshima Branch) HIDEKAZU KUBO (JAPAN)
No.52 Alejandro NAVARRO (Spain) (SPAIN)
No.53 Yoshishin Osawa (Japan / Tokyo Josai Setagaya East Branch) KASHIN OSAWA (JAPAN)
No.62 Anton Gliaev (Russia) ANTON GULIAEV (RUSSIA)
No.63 Patrick Sypien (Poland) PATRYK SYPIEN (POLAND) )
Nanba72 Ryunosuke Hoshi (Japan / headquarters under the direct control Asakusa dojo) RYUNOSUKE HOSHI (JAPAN)
Nanba73 Alim Yunusofu (Russia) ALIM IUNUSOV (RUSSIA)
Nanba78 Konstantin Gariefu (Russia) KONSTANTIN GALIEV (RUSSIA)
Nanba83 Kirill Kochunev (Russia) KIRILL KOCHNEV (RUSSIA)

[Block C]
No.84 Noboru Arata (Japan / Chiba Central Branch) SHOKI ARATA (JAPAN)
No.93 Alexander Bedosvili (Russia) ALEKSANDR BEDOSHVIL (RUSSIA) No.94 Takehiro
Kaga (Japan / Tokyo Josai Branch) TAKEHIRO KAGA (JAPAN)
) No.113 Kajin
Nishimura (Japan / Tokyo Johoku Branch)
No.114 Kim Taeyo (Korea) KIM DAY YOO (KOREA)
No.120 Monet Garrett (USA) MONET GARRETT (USA) No.124
Andrey Luzin (Russia) ANDREI LUZIN (RUSSIA)

[Block D]
No.125 Ashot Zariyan (Russia) ASHOT ZARINYAN (RUSSIA)
No.130 Hirohiro Tokuda (Japan / Osaka South Branch) KANTA TOKUDA ​​(RUSSIA)
No.135 Ivan Axenenko (Russia) IVAN AKSENENKO (RUSSIA)
No.136 Yuki Shimizu (Japan / Tokyo Josai Setagaya East Branch) YUKI SHIMIZU (JAPAN)
No.145 Konstantin Kovalenko (Russia) KONSTANTIN KOVALENKO (RUSSIA)
No.146 Maxim Ekimov (Russia) MAKSIM EKIMOV (RUSSIA)
No.155 Takuya Takeoka (Japan / Tokyo Josai Branch) TAKUYA TAKEOKA (JAPAN) No.156
Ilya Carpenko (Russia) ILYA KARPENKO (RUSSIA)
No.162 Salvatore Triscali (Italy) SALVATORE TRISCARI (ITALY)
No.166 Mikio Ueda (Japan / Kanagawa Yokohama North Branch) MIKIO UEDA (JAPAN)

aleksandr ioremenko

1st Place/Mikio Ueda (JAPAN)
2nd Place/Aleksandr Eremenko (RUSSIA)
3rd Place/Andrei Luzin (RUSSIA)
4th Place/Yuta Takahashi (JAPAN)
5th Place/Konstantin Kovalenko (RUSSIA)
6th Place/Ryunosuke Hoshi (JAPAN)
7th Place/Igor Zagainov (RUSSIA)
8th Place/Shoki Arata (JAPAN)

Best Spirits Award/Ryunosuke Hoshi (JAPAN)
     Ashot Zarinyan (RUSSIA)
Best Technique Award/Konstantin Kovalenko (RUSSIA)
Best Tameshiwari Award/Ilya Karpenko (RUSSIA=28 Boards)
Young Lion Award/Igor Zagainov (RUSSIA)
       Icaro Nascimento (BRAZIL)

2019 Women’s World Open Karate Championship Official Results
2019 November 23~24/Musashinomori Sports Plaza

1st Place/Miyuu Nagayoshi (JAPAN)
2nd Place/Nanami Sato (JAPAN)
3rd Place/Shainez Elhaimour (FRANCE)
4th Place/Anastasiia Khasanova (RUSSIA)

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