geri, different kick in kyokushin karate

geri, differents kick in kyokushin karate

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mawashi-geri jodan

this is the circular kick,  at the level of the head

mawashi-geri gedan by Royama vs Charles Martin

      circular kick at the level of the leg, on thigh,  uchi mata mawahi gedan, in exterior of the thigh,  soto-mata, in interior of the thigh

    circular kick at the level of the head

gedan mawashi by ajime kazumi, the  lowkick spécialist..

    ajime kazumi had odten won the fight by gadan mawashi geri.

                                                  in a difficult fight in world kyokushin championship in 1995 against Glaube feitosa, a great brasilian kyokushin fighter, despite a lot of powerful puch of feitosa  weakens like usual against kazumi with his gedan mawashis.

mawashi shudan in ice block francisco filho

    mawashi shudan is circular kick at the middle level, often for strike the “hizo” odds.

chudan-mawashi-geri chusoku

     this is the same but we strike with below the top of the foot, very 

effective for break plank of the wood.

 mae-geri chudan by hatsuo Royama

       this is the front kick, like iza geri but  then unfold the leg

mae geri jodan in shinkyokushin tournament

    same things in at the level jodan

mae geri keage by kancho matsui                         mae tobi geri by  akyoshi matsui

                 mae tobi geri is kick jumped

 in mae geri

  kin- geri

 kin-geri is food strick at the level in the intime part, only in self defense, it’s not allowed in kyokushin fight

otoshi kakato geri by andy hug


andy hug ” THE SAMOURAI”


soto kakato geri by valeri dimitrov wko

kakato geri is the ”  hammer kick”  ,   andy hug on the picture was a specialist, after his kyokushin carreer, he fight a lot of in seidokaikan and K-1 (seidokaikan is the begining of k-1)  founded by kazuyoshi ishii    watch the post below  :

heisoku geri

      heisoku geri is the kick with  above the foot

kansetsu geri

      kansetsu geri is strike foot at the level “hiza” , at the knee, only use in self defense, it’s not allowed in kyokushin tournament.

  do mawashi kaiten   gary o’neil in world championship tournament


do mawashi kaiten

tobi mawashi geri

yoko tobi geri by kurozaki                                                            yoko tobi geri

we can see jon bluming behind

ashi barai by akyoshi matsui

      ashi barai is the sweep, in kyokushin karate, it’s not like judo, hold with hands is not alowed, so the technique worked only with legs. kancho matsui win many fight in his 100 man kumite with this technique.

tobi  hiza geri jodan  Tsukamoto

hiza geri is t  knees to the head when is jodan, on the picturre with tsukamoto, this is tobi hiza geri, jumped knees.

tsukamoto is specialist, he was often won like this by ko.


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