dolph lundgren, a great practitioner of kyokushin

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Hans Lundgren, better known as dolph lundgreen, is a high-profile film actor and broadcaster.
after chemistry studies in sweden, his home country, he became known very quickly in the united States
with the biggest.
after shooting in movies with jean claude van damme or sylvester stalone in rocky for example.
by his impressing physique, tall blond and very muscular at the time he attracts the greed in the world
the cinema.

Born on November 3, 1957 in Stockholm, of a Ukrainian mother tongue teacher and a Swedish father, engineer and economist,


Dolph Lundgren attended the prestigious Royal Institute of Technology in his hometown where he obtained a master’s degree in chemistry.
Cadet of a family of four children, he devotes himself to his studies. “I spent so much time smashing books that I should have an indelible
ink stain at the end of my nose,” he smiles. “At the time I wanted to emulate my father and get involved in an engineering career.
Far from me any thought concerning cinema and show business in general.

With a scholarship, Lundgren left his country in 1977 for a year to continue his studies at Washington State University.
He returned to Sweden and graduated from the Royal Institute of Technology. After his military service in the navy,
he attended courses at the universities of Sydney and Boston, helped by scholarships (including a Fulbright program for the prestigious M.I.T.
(Massachusetts Institute of Technology)).

At the age of 16, Lundgren turns to martial arts. After having tried judo, he became involved in karate practice, first in the gōjū-ryū style,
then in a style more focused on real-action kyokushinkai combat. He started the high-level competition in 1979, even before being
a black belt (which he won in 1981), and took part in the second world championship, where he was among the last 32 competitors
(losing to the defending champion after several extensions).
He then accumulates national titles, winning in particular the British Open in 1980 and 1981 – which was at the time of European level
championship – then the Australian Open in 1982. For the purposes of the film Pentathlon, released in 1994 , he trains with the American pentathlon
team in 1993. This allows him to compete at the Atlanta Olympic Games in 1996 as the (honorific) captain of the American team.

Refusing the proposals of the greatest boxing managers in the United States, he still thinks he will study when he meets theater teacher
Warren Robertson, a pupil of Lee Strasberg, one of the founders of the Actors Studio. He decides to become an actor and gets the role
of agent of the KGB in Dangerously Yours thanks to his flirtation of the moment, the singer Grace Jones.
This modest participation marks his debut in cinema. Beginnings that could have been made with Rambo 2: The Mission, film for which he auditioned.
But Sylvester Stallone preferred to play in Rocky 4, despite the reluctance of casting teams.
The choice is judicious since Lundgren plays his role in a masterful way, which allows him to become overnight one of the greatest hopes
of the action cinema.

Lundgren was married in Stockholm in 1994 with Swedish stylist Anette Qviberg. Together, they had two daughters: Ida and Greta.
They filed for divorce in March 2011.

Dolph Lundgren begins his many studies in a large Swedish school, the Royal Institute of Technology. After his military service,
he continued his studies in various grandes écoles (including a large part in the United States) and obtained, in 1982,
a master’s degree in chemical engineering at the University of Sydney. In 1983, he was accepted at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
It was in the same year that he decided to move to New York with singer Grace Jones and take acting classes.

kyokushin karate

Dolph Lundgren initially trained in judo at the age of 16, switching to karate a year or so later. Dolph started in the traditional Japanese style Goju-ryu,
but soon switched to Kyokushinkai, the more powerful style developed by Japanese karate legend Mas Oyama.

In 1979, whilst in the Swedish Marine Corps, Dolph was selected to fight in the 2nd World Open Karate Tournament in Tokyo,
one of the earliest international full-contact tournaments. Still only a green belt,
Dolph had to borrow a brown belt to be eligible to fight.
Dolph knocked out his first two opponents lining him up against the overwhelming favourite for the world title, Makoto Nakamura.
Dolph, the green belt, weighed 93kg to 2nd degree black belt Nakamura’s 110kg. The fight went the distance plus two extended rounds,
and Nakamura was awarded a controversial decision.
It proved to be the eventual world champion’s hardest fight.


Although Lundgren never competed as a professional bodybuilder,
he has been closely associated with bodybuilding and fitness since his role as Drago at
mid-1980s. said, “Looking at a man in
in his thirties rather than in his fifties, Lundgren is the poster
nutrition, supplementation and exercise that he has been practicing for over 35 years.

In an interview with them, one of the most popular morning sessions, saying that “it’s just
one day, and then you can enjoy the other 23 hours. “

Although he started lifting weights in adolescence, he quotes the co-star
Sylvester Stallone as the man who trained him in serious bodybuilding during a
period in the 1980s, after arriving in the United States.
on his diet and diet, which is one of the highest percentages of protein and two more
small meals a day. Lundgren was taught to be “super strong”
saying that “I am too tall and my arms are long”. I think back then
e worked with about 300 pounds on the bench and squat.

In an interview with GQ in January 2011, he announced that he was working on the implementation of
sale of its own range of vitamins and supplements.
He wrote an autobiographical book of fitness, forms like a hero
action plan: Be Fit Forever, published in Sweden (by Bonnier Fakta) on 9 August 2011, offering
tips on how to work in different situations a lot of travel).
On September 9, 2014, Lundgren released Dolph Lundgren: Train Like a Hero
Action: Be Fit Forever, a book that contains a detailed account of his previous life
and his troubles. He quotes a better quality of life and compels him to maintain his form

In Los Angeles, he trains at Equinox Gym Westwood and home in Marbella, Spain,
he trains at Qi Sports Gym in Puerto Banús. Dolph, however, also has a role in the
form of weightlifting. He cites deadly uprising and squats as the best
exercises for muscle building. Lundgren is not a heavy drinker but has a
background of tequila and cocktails, citing his knowledge of chemical engineering
like “making very good drinks.

dolph practice kyokushin yet, in usa and in sweden.
he is a member of wko federation iko2:

founding by kenji midori, he also supports kwu (kyokushin world union)
since someyears.



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