world championship tournament iko since the begin

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world open championship tournament iko since the begin

The world kyokushin tournament of the “international kyokushin organisation” also naming “iko” take place in the Taikukan in tokyo, one time in all 4 years since 1975. this competition has been created by sosai mas oyama, there are generally aproximatly 192 fighters.

the first time in 1975 several great muai thai fighters or kun fu fighters was participed in this competition, in this time, there was little competition without protection wich took place in k.o.

the rules of the tournament are the next: the fights lasts 2 minutes with look for of knock-out (K.O system) and 3 minutes from the sixteenth of final.

If there are inequality, one prolongation of 2 minutes for decide fighters, 2 prolongation from sixteenth of final.

The tamashiwari-test take place also like in all kyokushin tournaments.

The world champion of iko:

katsuaki sato

katsuaki sato in world kyokushin tournament 1975

katsuaki sato in world kyokushin tournament 1975

nationality: japanese

1m79 90kg in 1975

great pucher whith fist and legs

Speciality: mawashi geri, hiza geri

atually 4 degre black belt kyokushin and 3 degre black belt judo

founder of sato-juku

he win against hatsuo royama in final 1975

makoto nakamura

nakamura 4

nationality: japanese

he win 2 times the world championship open in 1979 and 1983.

nakamura is deemed for to be a puncher very powerfull,

his strong is not the technic but the punch.

in 1979 he weighs 110kg.

he succesfull the yaku-nin kumite, also named “100

man kumite”.

he left the iko organisation in 2016 to founded

“international kyokushin organisation kyokushinkaikan nakamura dojo”

akiyoshi matsui winner of world iko tournament 1987

shokei matsui

nationality: japanese

winner of world iko tournament 1987

Excellent technician

currently 8 degree blackbelt

speciality: mawashi jodan and ashi barai

Matsui doing ashi-barai with many ease and have a great flexibility

director of iko

kenji midori winner of world iko tournament 1991

kenji midori

nationality: japanese

1m66, 73kg in 1991

one the best technician of all time

speciality: do mawashi kaiten geri

passed the 100 man kumite with success

currently 8 degree blackbelt

founder of iko 2 “world kyokushin organisation”

kenji yamaki winner of world iko tournament 1991

kenji yamaki

nationality: japanese

1m89 100kg in 1995

yamaki had one of perfectal physical

spéciality: hiza-geri and mae-geri

6 degre black belt

founder of yamaki karate

passed the 100 man kumite with success

francisco filho:

shihan francisco filho

nationality: brazilian

isobe student like feitosa and texeira

1m86 108kg in 1999

1rst non-japanese fighter who win the world championship

strong powerfull fighter

speciality: yoko-geri

passed the 100 man kumite with success

6 degre black belt

one of the firsts fighter who left in k-1

currently iko commite member

hitoshi kiyama winner of world iko tournament 2003


nationality: japanese

spéciality: axe kick and gedan mawashi (uchi-mata)

5 degree black belt

currently iko japanese fighter training team

ewerton teixeira winner of world iko tournament 2007

ewerton teixeira

nationality: brazilian

1m87 107kg

speciality: mae geri

powerfull fighter

3 degree black belt

teixeira has been a career of k-1 and mma

currently in iko with shihan isobe

tariel nikoleishvili winner of world iko tournament 2011

tariel nikoleishvili

nationality: russian

1m73 88kg in 2011

speciality: gedan mawashi, shita

2 degree black belt

passed the 100 man kumite with success

the youngest champion of the world iko of all times, only 20 years old

zahari damyanov winner of world iko tournament 2015

zahari damyanov

nationality: bulgarian  

world tournament iko 2015

shihan emil kostov student

1m82 100kg in 2015

spaciality: gedan mawashi (ushi mata), hiza-geri

strong fighter and very enduring, strong spirit

not passed the 100 man kumite because the doctor stoped in the 70′ fight

2 degre black belt

he left of iko federation

1rst world championship kyokushin novembre 1975


1.-Katsuaki Sato Japan

2.-Hatsuo Royama Japan

3.-Joko Nimoniya Japan

4.-Daigo Oishi Japan

5.-Toshikazu Sato Japan

6.-Takashi Azuma Japan

7.-Charles W. Martin U.S.A

8.-Frank Clark U.S.A

2nd world championship kyokushin novembre 1979

world iko open 1979

1.-Makoto Nakamura Japan

2.-Keiji Sanpei Japan

3.-Willie Williams USA

4.-Takashi Azuma Japan

5.-Howard Collin Great Britain

6.-Bernard Creton Great Britain

7.-Zeno Maxer Liechtenstein

8.-Koichi Kawabata Japan

3th world championship kyokushin novembre 1983

world open iko 1983

1.-Makoto Nakamura Japan

2.-Keiji Sanpei Japan

3.-Akiyoshi Matsui Japan

4.-Ademir de Costa Brazil

5.-Yasuto Onishi Japan

6.-Nicholas Da Costa Great Britain

7.-Keizo Tahara Japan

8.-Dive Greaves Great Britain

4th world championship kyokushin novembre 1987

matsui, akira masuda and andy hug 1987

1-Akiyoshi Matsui Japan

2.-Andy Hug Switzerland

3.-Akira Masuda Japan

4.-Michael Thompson Great Britain

5.-Ademir Da Costa Brasil

6.-Horoki Kurosawa Japan

7.-Yasuhiro Shichinohe Japan

8.-Nicholas Da Costa Great Britain

5th world championship kyokushin novembre 1991

midori iko world tournament 1991

1.-Kenji Midori Japan

2.-Akira Masuda Japan

3.-Horoki Kurosawa Japan

4.-Jean Riviere Canada

5.-Kenji Yamaki Japan

6.-Yutaka Ishii Japan

7.-Yasuhiro Shichinohe Japan

8.-Johnny Kleyn Holland

6th world championship kyokushin novembre 1995

iko 1995, yamaki, filho and kazumi

1.-Kenji Yamaki Japan

2.-Hajime Kazumi Japan

3.-Francisco Filho Brazil

4.-Garry O’Neill Australia

5.-Nicholas Pettas Denmark

6.-Hiroki Kurosawa Japan

7.-Luciano Basile Brasil

8.-Glaube Feitosa Brasil

7th wold championship kyokushin novembre 1999

filho vs kazumi final world open iko

1-Francisco Filho Brasil

2.-Hajime Kazumi Japan

3.-Alexander Pitchkounov Russia

4.-Glaube Feitosa Brasil

5.-Nicholas Pettas Denmark

6.-Yasuhiko Kimura Japan

7.-Ryuta Noji Japan

8.-Ryu Narushima Japan

8th world championship kyokushin novembre 2003

2003 podium iko world tournament

1. Hitoshi Kiyama – Japan

2. Sergey Plekhanov – Russia

3. Ewerton Teixeira – Brazil

4. Glaube Feitosa – Brazil

5. Lechi Kurbanov – Russia

6. Yasuhiko Kimura – Japan

7. Sergey Osipov – Russia

8. Hiroyuki Kidachi – Japan

9th world championship kyokushin novembre 2007

arthur hovhannisyan, texeira and jan sokup

1. Ewerton Teixeira Brazil

2. Jan Soukup Czech R.

3. Artur Hovhannisian Armenia

4. Darmen Sadvokasov Russia

5. Andrei Stepin Russia

6. Alejandro Navarro Spain

7. Eduardo Tanaka Brazil

8. Tatsuya Murata Japan

10th world championship kyokushin novembre 2011

iko 2011, kapanadze, tariel and texeira

1.Tariel Nikoleishvili (Russie)

2.Ewerton Teixeira (Brésil)

3. Goderzi Kapanadze (Russie)

4.Makoto Akaishi (Japon)

5.Zahari Damyanov (Bulgarie)

6.Nikolai Davydov (Russie)

7.Alexander Yeremenko (Ukraine)

8.Ilya Karpenko (Russie)

tariel nikoleishvili, zahari damyanov, francisco filho and hitoshi kiyama

the 4 last world champion open tournament iko

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