kudo daido juku

kudo daido juku, founded by takashi azuma

The kudo daido juku was founding in 1981 by seinsei takashi azuma, student of masutatsu oyama,
This martial art comes from kyokushin karate.
one day azuma is caught in street fight and he understand the importance of fists to face not allowed in kyokushinkai karate.
It is a complete style with fists, feet, knees and possibility to going to the ground, only for 30 seconds.
Competitions are conducted to ko, the ground strikes are authorized, take to the ground related items.
The fighters of this style are a particularity, this is helmet and their protection created by Masayuki Kukan Hisataka founder of Koshiki full contact and taken over by master azuma.

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For better understand the daido juku, this is the biography of takashi azuma:


Takashi azuma was born in japon in 1949 in Kenennuma in the province of Miyagi in Japan. He begin martial art by the judo practice, in 1971 seinsei azuma discover the kyokushin karate, he will become mas oyama student, founder of kyokushin karate.

After one days of hard work, he leads the kyokushin section of his university, during his practice years , Azuma participitates in several championship, here a list with  important dates:


1974: 2nd in 6th all japan tournament

1975: 6th at 1rst  world championship tournament
1976: 3th  at 8th All Japan
1977: 1rst at 9th All Japan
1979: 4th at 2nd world championship tournament open


takashi azuma sanchin dachi

Important date of azuma and daido juku develloping:


1971 Enrols in Waseda University’s night courses with a major in English literature.


1972 azuma get Enrols in the Kyokushinkaikan’s headquarters. Further ranks 6th at the First World Full Contact Karate Open Championships and 4th at the 2nd World Full Contact Karate Open Championships.


While at the time it would have been usual to retire as an athlete and focus only on a Branch Chief role, keeps both hats and goes on to win the 9th All-Japan Full Contact Karate Open Championships

takashi azuma, the 1rst in right:



1981  Proposes and advocates Kakuto Karate (Combat Karate) based on realism, safety, and appeal to the audience. Founds Daido Juku in Sendai, Miyagi prefecture.


1986  With the nationwide expansion of Daido Juku, moves headquarters to Tokyo.


1993 Holds the first international seminar in Vladivostok, Russia. This marks the starting point of Daido Juku’s worldwide expansion.


2001 Following the worldwide recognition of Daido Juku, introduces the more accomplished, comprehensive martial arts/budo Kudo. The First World Kudo Championship takes place the same year.


2013 At a ranking examination, is elevated to the rank of 9th dan, the highest rank in Kudo.


several  great Fighter of daido juku, some are  became mma fighters, in UFC or else.

Kenichi Osada

kato hisaki

adam khaliev

alexei kononenko

Stephen Tapilatu

Lee Hasdell eki Ogawa

Minoki Ichihara








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