tameshiwari – an important kyokushin karate test

tameshiwari - breaks test kyokushin karate

        seiken tsuki oyama

the tameshiwari comes from various Okinawan style of karate, goju ryu and shorin ryu , one of the objectives of this practice is to test his power with application in various techniques on pine boards with shuto with the seiken, mawashi geri in shuzuku ( under the foot of the bowl ), hiji orishi uchi ( elbow downward stroke ). hidji mawashi uchi ( circular elbow strike ) or the heel down.

Masutatsu oyama to shuto popularized the stone breakage in squatting position , holding the stone with one hand and breaking with each other.

This technique are the most used in the tameshiwari.

mas oyama breaks bottles glass

mas oyama breaks bottles glass

casse de tuile ciment

andy hug break cement tile

To make a good break this test requires great concentration and a good application of the technique, this adds to the body mass multiplied by the speed of typing that is power. sometimes just a stray thought for an apprehension appears, it is usually in those cases where the test is not successful.

This practice has spread taekwondo and Panchat silat.

Originally in Japan, the Tameshiwari was made with cedar planks to size 30 x 21 x 2.4 cm . planks sizes hard to find in the West, a big constraint for traditionalists.

break karate method

New standards since 2008:

For reasons of availability and cost, so that we transform the tree for years, in " small forest ". The organizers of the world championships and European established a "standard" tree for competitors, however, This standard has been followed almost never outside these appointments still official for mainly economic reasons.

Sosai Oyama broke regularly during his demonstrations , 50mm thick planks , bricks , stones or glass bottles so as on the photo below.

casse de brique

At international competitions, the preliminary breaking event at the semifinals where to recognize a Maximum boards without risk of breaking bones, is risky. It may deviate a good fighter wounded. The total number of broken boards can decide between two opponents tied after extra time in the final 1/2 and final.

baseball bate keiji seipei hatsuo royama tameshiwari 4 baseball bate ice block break by ryu narushima, bercy France

lechi kurbanov wold kyokushin chamionship iko

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